ZF2-491: Zend\Validate translations out of date


A couple of issues:

  1. I noticed that the validation message for Zend\Validator\Csrf is missing in the translation files under /resources/languages.

  2. There are messages for a validator Zend_Validate_Ccnum that does not exist in Zf2

  3. The messages for Zend_Validate_CreditCard have changed if I compare them with Zend\Validator\CreditCard

  4. Other issues may also be in there

I guess the whole file needs to be updated and all translation files as well.

Example file:…

Anyway, should the file not be called Zend_Validator.php?


What about using the text identifier from the class instead of the message? Example

Instead of using

    "Value is required and can't be empty" => "Value is required and can't be empty",

we could use

    "isEmpty" => "Value is required and can't be empty",

Translations for EmailAddress and Regex Validator also have changed and are not translated anymore.

Same problem with the messages from Zend\Validate\Db\Abstract

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