ZF2-535: The Log module is not ServiceManager friendly


Using a configuration array to wire up a global logger is currently obtuse. Writers construct signatures vary too much to be practical. Here's what I want to do in my autoload/global.php:

    'logger' => array(
        'writers' => array(
            'Stream' => array(
                'streamOrUrl' => 'log/application.log',

Now, I can write a custom Factory just for that Writer. But, as soon as I try to make it generic for any writer, I run into signature hell. I haven't even begun to try to config filters or formatters.



Also, regarding the tutorial project: Who starts any project without logging? Only amateurs.

What is your problem exactly? Can you add the actual config to compare with the expected config?

I don't see something different in log4php, if you take two appenders like File and PDO: you need to define dsn for PDO, and file for File.

Where is an example of the current recommended service manager config for a global logger with multiple writers? If you can provide a clean example, then this issue can be closed.

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