ZF2-537: 'ProvidesEvents' uses traits which is part of PHP 5.4


Zend Framework 2.0 is said to be based on PHP 5.3. But I found that it is using PHP 5.4 feature 'traits' in the file: zf2/library/Zend/EventManager/ProvidesEvents.php. Is it a mistake or should we expect more such PHP 5.4 related features, which is not usable in PHP version 5.3?


This is not an issue, as this one is not using traits, but is a trait itself to be used within your PHP 5.4 application. It does not break anything when you don't use it.

Saji -- we're providing some forwards-compatible features for 5.4. However, internally, we are not using them within the framework; they are merely there for the convenience of those who are using 5.4 for their applications. We will be providing a number of traits going forward, but, as noted, not consuming them directly within the framework.

Ben, and Matthew, Thanks for the clarifications.