ZF2-561: Console Prompt Literal String


By using the example below I would have expected to be presented with the prompt (does happen) and then I would need to actually type "yes" to continue. Instead, as soon as you key in Y it confirms.

Testing further it appears the prompt only looks for the first character of the defined Char to be entered, if matched then it does what it needs to.

To avoid someone reaching this prompt by accident and keying in Y for Yes, I'd rather be on the safe side and make certain they actually typed Yes.

$confirm = new \Zend\Console\Prompt\Confirm(); $confirm->setPromptText('Are you sure you want to continue?'); $confirm->setYesChar('yes'); $confirm->setNoChar('no');

$result = $confirm->show();

if ($result) { echo 'Confirmed'; }


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