ZF2-585: Filtering value more than one time


     * @return mixed
    public function getValue()
        $filter = $this->getFilterChain();
        return $filter->filter($this->value);

In case filter have filters Zend\Filter\File\Rename, Zend\Filter\File\LowerCase, Zend\Filter\File\UpperCase, each call getValue() call filters, and we have result is different from the expected. Following example

   $source = __DIR__ . '/_files/toRename.txt';
   $testSource = __DIR__ . '/_files/_toRename.txt';
   if (!file_exists($testSource))
      copy($source, $testSource);

   $target = __DIR__ . '/_files/renamed.txt';

   $input = new Input('foo');


   $filter = new Filter\File\Rename(
      array('target' => $target, 'overwrite' => true)

   $this->assertEquals($target, $input->getValue()); //Pass
   $this->assertEquals($target, $input->getValue()); //Fail

   if ($input->isValid()) //call $input->GetValue()
     $value = $input->getValue() // result is different from the expected


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