ZF2-59: Bad default path for CLDR resources in CLDR adapter


Some tests fail because there is a regression from the new location of CLDR data in the tree framework (ie. /resources/cldr instead of /library/Zend/Locale/Data). The default path of CLDR Data is not used in _findRoute method: the _path attribute has default value at null. It should be used the getPath method to initialize the default path.


$filename = __DIR__ . '/' . self::$_path . $locale . '.xml'; // line 149



$filename = self::getPath() . '/' . $locale . '.xml'; // line 149



Assign to [~thomas].

Closing as non-issue

Please note that Zend_Locale 2.0 is still in development.

The mentioned method from the old implementation is only a placeholder which will be erased as soon as the new implementation has been finished. There is no benefit in fixing a method which will be erased soon.

Sanitize master in progress.