ZF2-68: Zend View escape for helpers fails if variables set to view as array


Hello development team!

Some of the helpers in Zend View hoped that PHPRenderer::vars() returns Zend\View\Variables, e.g. Navigation\Menu, but with PHPRenderer::setVars() we can set array and PHPRenderer::vars() returns array. This subsequently leads to an error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function escape() on a non-object in Zend/View/Helper/Navigation/Menu.php on line 247

GIT Commit in repository zendframework/zf2 on github: a40d1a65ff58679b6378ca39fa25a3944b35fc4f

P.S. I put a bug in the right place or there is another place for the collection of such errors (during development)?

Good luck with the Great project!!


Fixed by next commit: c4f8d44eec6f09681d0ad1e30a9a2dbb3e4631e7