ZF2-70: zf create dbtable error (dev4)


When I try to create a dbtable using zf (command: zf create dbtable ) I get an Exception with the following message bq. A models directory was not found

Line 63 in Zend\Tool\Project\Provider\DbTable reads bq. if (!($modelsDirectory instanceof ProjectProfile\Resource)) {

I guess it should be bq. if (!($modelsDirectory instanceof \Zend\Tool\Project\Profile\Resource\Resource)) {


I can confirm this on 2.0.0dev4 as well. The model dir does indeed exist as was created by the initial "zf create project".

Replacing ProjectProfile\Resource with \Zend\Tool\Project\Profile\Resource\Resource in Zend/Tool/Project/Provider/DbTable.php, as Mr. Erdem says, fixes this.

Zend\Tool does not work with ZF2 and will be removed. You can clone the ZendSkeletonApplication to get a base working ZF2 project.

Closing as "Wont' Fix" (See Matthew's comment on ZF2-103 here)