ZF2-75: Fixes CS for some abstract classes (classname, and location)


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{quote} Abstract Classes

Abstract classes follow the same conventions as classes, with one additional rule: abstract class names MUST begin with the term, "Abstract". As examples, "AbstractAdapter" and "AbstractWriter" are both considered valid abstract class names.

Abstract classes SHOULD be in the same namespace as concrete implementations. {quote}

$ grep -r "abstract class" library/ | grep -v Abstract | grep -v " \* "

Matthew or Ralph, can you add Zend\Mvc in components list please?


Zend_Translator changed with GH-460

Zend_Navigation changed with GH-823

I will fix this for Zend\Ldap component.

Zend_Form removed as affected component.

I close this issue in favor of the open story in AgileZen (#52)