_type; } /** * Return the value of this object, convert the XML-RPC native value into a PHP variable * * @return mixed */ abstract public function getValue(); /** * Return the XML code that represent a native MXL-RPC value * * @return string */ abstract public function saveXML(); /** * Return DOMElement representation of object * * @return DOMElement */ public function getAsDOM() { if (!$this->_as_dom) { $doc = new DOMDocument('1.0'); $doc->loadXML($this->saveXML()); $this->_as_dom = $doc->documentElement; } return $this->_as_dom; } protected function _stripXmlDeclaration(DOMDocument $dom) { return preg_replace('/<\?xml version="1.0"( encoding="[^\"]*")?\?>\n/u', '', $dom->saveXML()); } /** * Creates a Zend_XmlRpc_Value* object, representing a native XML-RPC value * A XmlRpcValue object can be created in 3 ways: * 1. Autodetecting the native type out of a PHP variable * (if $type is not set or equal to Zend_XmlRpc_Value::AUTO_DETECT_TYPE) * 2. By specifing the native type ($type is one of the Zend_XmlRpc_Value::XMLRPC_TYPE_* constants) * 3. From a XML string ($type is set to Zend_XmlRpc_Value::XML_STRING) * * By default the value type is autodetected according to it's PHP type * * @param mixed $value * @param Zend_XmlRpc_Value::constant $type * * @return Zend_XmlRpc_Value * @static */ public static function getXmlRpcValue($value, $type = self::AUTO_DETECT_TYPE) { switch ($type) { case self::AUTO_DETECT_TYPE: // Auto detect the XML-RPC native type from the PHP type of $value return self::_phpVarToNativeXmlRpc($value); case self::XML_STRING: // Parse the XML string given in $value and get the XML-RPC value in it return self::_xmlStringToNativeXmlRpc($value); case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_I4: // fall through to the next case case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_INTEGER: return new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Integer($value); case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_DOUBLE: return new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Double($value); case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_BOOLEAN: return new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Boolean($value); case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_STRING: return new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_String($value); case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_BASE64: return new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Base64($value); case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_NIL: return new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Nil(); case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_DATETIME: return new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_DateTime($value); case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_ARRAY: return new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Array($value); case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_STRUCT: return new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Struct($value); default: require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Exception.php'; throw new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Exception('Given type is not a '. __CLASS__ .' constant'); } } /** * Transform a PHP native variable into a XML-RPC native value * * @param mixed $value The PHP variable for convertion * * @return Zend_XmlRpc_Value * @static */ private static function _phpVarToNativeXmlRpc($value) { switch (gettype($value)) { case 'object': // Check to see if it's an XmlRpc value if ($value instanceof Zend_XmlRpc_Value) { return $value; } // Otherwise, we convert the object into a struct $value = get_object_vars($value); // Break intentionally omitted case 'array': // Default native type for a PHP array (a simple numeric array) is 'array' require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Array.php'; $obj = 'Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Array'; // Determine if this is an associative array if (!empty($value) && is_array($value) && (array_keys($value) !== range(0, count($value) - 1))) { require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Struct.php'; $obj = 'Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Struct'; } return new $obj($value); case 'integer': require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Integer.php'; return new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Integer($value); case 'double': require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Double.php'; return new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Double($value); case 'boolean': require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Boolean.php'; return new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Boolean($value); case 'NULL': case 'null': require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Nil.php'; return new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Nil(); case 'string': // Fall through to the next case default: // If type isn't identified (or identified as string), it treated as string require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/String.php'; return new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_String($value); } } /** * Transform an XML string into a XML-RPC native value * * @param string|SimpleXMLElement $xml A SimpleXMLElement object represent the XML string * It can be also a valid XML string for convertion * * @return Zend_XmlRpc_Value * @static */ private static function _xmlStringToNativeXmlRpc($xml) { if (!$xml instanceof SimpleXMLElement) { try { $xml = @new SimpleXMLElement($xml); } catch (Exception $e) { // The given string is not a valid XML require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Exception.php'; throw new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Exception('Failed to create XML-RPC value from XML string: '.$e->getMessage(),$e->getCode()); } } // Get the key (tag name) and value from the simple xml object and convert the value to an XML-RPC native value list($type, $value) = each($xml); if (!$type) { // If no type was specified, the default is string $type = self::XMLRPC_TYPE_STRING; } switch ($type) { // All valid and known XML-RPC native values case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_I4: // Fall through to the next case case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_INTEGER: require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Integer.php'; $xmlrpc_val = new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Integer($value); break; case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_DOUBLE: require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Double.php'; $xmlrpc_val = new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Double($value); break; case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_BOOLEAN: require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Boolean.php'; $xmlrpc_val = new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Boolean($value); break; case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_STRING: require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/String.php'; $xmlrpc_val = new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_String($value); break; case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_DATETIME: // The value should already be in a iso8601 format require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/DateTime.php'; $xmlrpc_val = new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_DateTime($value); break; case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_BASE64: // The value should already be base64 encoded require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Base64.php'; $xmlrpc_val = new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Base64($value ,true); break; case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_NIL: // The value should always be NULL require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Nil.php'; $xmlrpc_val = new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Nil(); break; case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_ARRAY: // PHP 5.2.4 introduced a regression in how empty($xml->value) // returns; need to look for the item specifically $data = null; foreach ($value->children() as $key => $value) { if ('data' == $key) { $data = $value; break; } } if (null === $data) { require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Exception.php'; throw new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Exception('Invalid XML for XML-RPC native '. self::XMLRPC_TYPE_ARRAY .' type: ARRAY tag must contain DATA tag'); } $values = array(); // Parse all the elements of the array from the XML string // (simple xml element) to Zend_XmlRpc_Value objects foreach ($data->value as $element) { $values[] = self::_xmlStringToNativeXmlRpc($element); } require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Array.php'; $xmlrpc_val = new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Array($values); break; case self::XMLRPC_TYPE_STRUCT: $values = array(); // Parse all the memebers of the struct from the XML string // (simple xml element) to Zend_XmlRpc_Value objects foreach ($value->member as $member) { // @todo? If a member doesn't have a tag, we don't add it to the struct // Maybe we want to throw an exception here ? if (!isset($member->value) or !isset($member->name)) { continue; //throw new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Exception('Member of the '. self::XMLRPC_TYPE_STRUCT .' XML-RPC native type must contain a VALUE tag'); } $values[(string)$member->name] = self::_xmlStringToNativeXmlRpc($member->value); } require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Struct.php'; $xmlrpc_val = new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Struct($values); break; default: require_once 'Zend/XmlRpc/Value/Exception.php'; throw new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Exception('Value type \''. $type .'\' parsed from the XML string is not a known XML-RPC native type'); break; } $xmlrpc_val->_setXML($xml->asXML()); return $xmlrpc_val; } private function _setXML($xml) { $this->_as_xml = $xml; } /** * Make sure a string will be safe for XML, convert risky characters to entities * * @param string $str * @return string */ protected function _escapeXmlEntities($str) { return htmlspecialchars($str, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8'); } /** * Convert XML entities into string values * * @param string $str * @return string */ protected function _decodeXmlEntities($str) { return html_entity_decode($str, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8'); } }