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<p> <em>Zend_Service_Ideal</em> is a simple API for using the Ideal payment service as provide by the ING bank in the Netherlands. It is expected that this payment service will be extended to other countries in the near future.
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<p> <em>Zend_Service_Ideal</em> enables developers to communicate with the payment service to:</p>
<li>Perform a Directory Request (directory in this context is a list of connected banks)</li>
<li>Perform an Acquirer Transaction Request, which initiates a transaction with the payment service</li>
<li>Perform an Acquirer Status Request, which provides status information concerning the prior transaction request
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<p> In order to use <em>Zend_Service_Ideal</em>, you should already have registered to the Ideal service and signed a contract with a bank of your choice.
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<h2>Directory Request</h2>
<p>Acquire a list of issuers. Check whether it is required to update the cached file of issuers. Whenever this is the case: perform an iDEAL directory request: retrieve a list of issuing banks. This function is used to populate the list with banks and write it to a locally stored file. </p>

<h2>Acquirer Transaction Request</h2>
<p>Processes an Ideal Acquirer Transaction Request, assemble the request and send it to iDEAL. Store transaction details in your database as well. The user will be redirected to his banking page and performs the payment. Afterwards he is redirected by the bank to a 'returningUrl' where your application should perform a status request to check whether the transaction was successful. </p>

<h2>Acquire Status Request</h2>
<p>After the user has paid, the transaction should be confirmed with the bank. When the bank confirms the payment, update your database record and inform the user. </p>

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<p> all configuration information should be kept as private as possible, as well as your digitally signed certificate. </p></ac:rich-text-body></ac:macro>

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