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<h1>Zend_Pdf requirements</h1>

<li><h4>Copying objects (pages) between documents (templates).</h4>
Page cloning functionality is done now, but it allows to duplicate pages only within one document.<br />
Deep PDF objects copying has to be implemented to avoid this limitation. It should give more flexibility in usage PDFs as templates.<br />
JIRA issue: <a href="">ZF-449</a><br />
Complexity: medium.</li>
<li><h4>Extracting text from PDF documents.</h4>
Should be used for document indexing (ex. using Zend_Search_Lucene).<br />
JIRA issue: <a href="">ZF-2138</a><br />
Complexity: medium.</li>
<li><h4>Canvases support.</h4>
Ex. for drawing one page within another.<br />
The implementation should be based on content streams.<br />
Complexity: medium.</li>
<li><h4>Base text formatting features like text blocks.</h4>
The implementation must provide text drawing within specified text box with automatic line breaks, different alignments (left, right centered, justified) and options to mark some parts of text as bold/italic/underscored or using special color.<br />
Complexity: medium.</li>
<li><h4>SVG images drawing.</h4>
SVG is a vector format, so an implementation should parse SVG file and draw it using PDF drawing primitives. That's good idea to do this in a separate canvas, so the implementation may depends on canvases support.<br />
Complexity: medium or hard (depends on SVG format details).</li>
<li><h4>PostScript OpenType fonts support.</h4>
Complexity: unknown.</li>
<li><h4>PDF forms management.</h4>
PDF provides special functionality for forms processing. That would be good to have it manageable with Zend_Pdf.<br />
Complexity: medium.</li>
<li><h4>Operating with encrypted and password protected documents.</h4>
Needs implementation of some encryption algorithms (RC4 - <a href=""></a>, AES - <a href=""></a>) and some enhancements in PDF streams processing.<br />
Complexity: hard.</li>
<li><h4>Advanced rich text formatting.</h4>
Full rich text drawing implementation should realize model described in "Zend_Pdf document abstraction model" document (<a href=""></a>)<br />
Complexity: very hard.</li>

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    <p>Alexander, can you updated this page please. What has been fixed?</p>