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<p>When users are trying authenticate against an offline ldap directory they must wait a timeout of 30 seconds before receive any answer from the server.</p>

<h2>Proposed Solution</h2>

<p>Use the new LDAP option (LDAP_OPT_NETWORK_TIMEOUT) to customize the timeout value. This option is available since PHP v5.3.0</p>


<li>Add a new optional Configuration/Option into the API called `networkTimeout` for sets the network timeout value.</li>
<li>Add a new optional argument called $networkTimeout in function connect()</li>
<li>Set the ldap option after ldap_connect() if a custom value was defined.</li>

<h2>Consistency and b/c</h2>

<li>The code will be still maintaining the backward compatibility between ZF2 releases.</li>
<li>This proposal is not compatible wih ZF1 requirements.</li>

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