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<h1>About Me</h1>

<p>I am a PHP/ZF1 programmer who works full time with the Facebook platform, in both PHP and Javascript. More information on our products can be provided on requests.</p>


<p>Zend\Service\Facebook is proposed to be a gateway class to the services offered by Facebook, primarily providing access to both of the <a href="">auth processes</a> (both for iframe applications, and 3rd party websites), a subsequently access to the <a href="">Graph API</a>, <a href="">Open Graph</a> meta tags, plus wrapper code generation for <a href="">Social Plugins</a>. Eventually, I envisage that it also provides some php generated Javascript to perform common Facebook integration tasks, very much like Zend_Dojo works in ZF1. There is currently nothing like this in ZF1.</p>

<p>An incredibly poor starting point that was knocked up before beta1 was released (and therefore doesn't use DI or anything) can be found here:</p>

<p><a href=""></a></p>

<p><em>Please note this is not even meant to be taken as code that will make it into the final release, it is literally something I messed about with to understand a very early version of ZF2.</em></p>


<p>There are two primary methods of authentication, that for iframe applications that are "hosted" on the Facebook platform, and an oAuth 2.0 implementation that allows 3rd party sites to auth directly (sometimes known as Facebook Connect). The former is a simple case of decoding some posted data, and will be skipped over here. The latter however, would firmly rely on Zend\Http\Client and Zend\Session\Container. The discussion on whether it should use Zend\OAuth and it's descendants will need to be had, but unless we create Zend\OAuth\Facebook or similar, I believe that Facebook have created their own "unique" implementation that will have to be coded for, and a generic solution will not work. I know very little about the whole oAuth 2.0 debacle, so hopefully someone can help to make some decisions here.</p>

<h1>Graph API Access</h1>

<p>Again, would rely heavily on Zend\Http\Client, and Zend\Service\Facebook\Auth (above). Should provide wrapper functionality to all the entry points, and return data in a consistent, object-orientated manner.</p>


<p>FQL or Facebook Query Language is a nice way you can access the API grabbing only the data you want and need. It is loosely based on SQL. What would people like to see here, a simple and easy wrapper to pass pre-constructed FQL queries, or something similar to Zend\Db\Select where you can programmable construct and run FQL queries?</p>

<h1>Open Graph meta tags</h1>

<p>Should allow meta tags to be automatically (or otherwise) added to the document header, probably using HeadMeta view helper.</p>

<h1>Social Helpers</h1>

<p>Should have view helpers (or similar) that allow easy creation of Facebook's "Social Helpers", basically javascript code that creates an iframe with "like this" or "comment on facebook" boxes. </p>

<h1>To Finish</h1>

<p>I'd love to get some discussion going, I think that the Auth and Graph API access would be priority, and should be fairly straightforward and easy to get to beta stages. I would hope that this component would become the industry standard for access to Facebook's platform.</p>

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