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Zend Framework: Zend_Cache backend for Zend Platform Component Proposal

Proposed Component Name Zend_Cache backend for Zend Platform
Developer Notes backend for Zend Platform
Proposers Stanislav Malyshev
Revision 1.1 - 1 August 2006: Updated from community comments. (wiki revision: 11)

Table of Contents

1. Overview

The Zend Platform backend for Zend_Cache would allow developers to use Zend Platform content caching capabilities with Zend_Cache class.

2. References

3. Component Requirements, Constraints, and Acceptance Criteria

  • This backend would allow to store and retrieve data in Zend Platform PHP API cache.
  • Tags will be partially supported - you can set tag and clean by tag, but not clean by "not having the tag"

4. Dependencies on Other Framework Components

  • Zend_Cache
  • Zend_Cache_Backend_Interface

5. Theory of Operation

The backend will use Zend Platform functions output_cache_get and output_cache_set to store and retrieve information from the Zend Platform PHP API cache. No support for full-page cache and for more advanced functions of Zend Platform caching API.

6. Milestones / Tasks

  1. Submit the proposal
  2. Get the proposal approved
  3. Commit the backend and the tests to the SVN repository
  4. Write documentation for the backend

7. Class Index

  • Zend_Cache_Backend_ZendPlatform

8. Use Cases


9. Class Skeletons



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  1. Mar 04, 2007

    <p>As the first backend adapter for Zend_Cache, I'm interested in seeing how this pans out.<br />
    I'd like to create a Zend_Cache_Backend_AmazonS3</p>