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<p>The ZF install of Confluence and JIRA support remote control via SOAP.</p>
<li><a href=""></a></li>
<li><a href=""></a></li>
<li><a href=""></a></li>

<p>To access Confluence, use your Confluence username and password with:</p>
<ac:macro ac:name="code"><ac:plain-text-body><![CDATA[
$soap = new SoapClient('');

<h2>Eclipse/Mylar Integration with JIRA </h2>

<p>If you use <a href="">Eclipse</a> >= 3.2, there's an extension called <a href="">Mylar</a> that might interest you. It adds a task-oriented interface to Eclipse and allows it to integrate with issue tracking services, JIRA in particular. See the Mylar web site for additional information.</p>

<p><strong>To install Mylar</strong>:</p>
<li>Open Eclipse and go to Help > Software Updates > Find and Install...</li>
<li>Select the "Search for new features to install" option and click the "Next" button</li>
<li>Click the "New Remote Site" button</li>
<li>For the Name field, enter "Mylar update site"</li>
<li>For the URL field, enter the update site URL for your version of Eclipse, which can you get from <a href="">this list</a></li>
<li>Click the "OK" button</li>
<li>Check off the "Mylar update site" in the list of sites to include in the search and click the "Finish" button</li>
<li>When prompted, select the following items to install: Jira Core Services, Mylar Connector: JIRA, Mylar Focused UI, Mylar Task List</li>
<li>When prompted to reboot Eclipse, do so</li>

<p><strong>To integrate with the Zend Framework JIRA installation</strong>:</p>
<li>Open Eclipse after installing Mylar and select Window > Show View > Other</li>
<li>Under the Mylar folder, select Task Repositories</li>
<li>In the Task Repositories tab on the right, right-click and select the Add Task Repository option</li>
<li>For the Server field, enter <a href=""></a></li>
<li>For the Label field, enter "Zend Framework"</li>
<li>For User ID and password, enter your Zend Developer Wiki account information</li>
<li>Optionally, click the "Validate Settings" button to test your connection</li>
<li>Click the "Finish" button</li>
<li>Return to the Task List tab</li>
<li>Right-click and select the New > Query option</li>
<li>Select the Zend Framework from the repository list and click the "Next" button</li>
<li>Continue through the process as prompted. Once done, your query will appear as an example folder in your Task List with all related issues</li>
<li>Double-click on any issue to view and enter information for that issue just as if you were accessing JIRA via a browser</li>

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