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Page: Zend_File_Convert
ac:macro ac:name="note"><ac:parameter ac:name="title">Under Construction</ac:parameter><ac:richtextbody> <p>This proposal is under construction and is not ready for review.</p></ac:richtextbody></ac:macro> <ac:macro ac ...
Other labels: pdf, css, conversion
Page: Zend_Filter_CharacterEntityEncode&Decode - Marc Bennewitz
ac:macro ac:name="unmigratedinlinewikimarkup"><ac:plaintextbody><!CDATA ZendFilterCharacterEntityEncode & ZendFilterCharacterEntityDecode Marc Bennewitz TBD 0.1 24. Oct 2009: Initial Draft. 1.0 03. December 2010: Archived The encoder ...
Other labels: filter, entity, xml
Page: Zend_Form_Element_Note - Jan Pieper
ac:macro ac:name="unmigratedinlinewikimarkup"><ac:plaintextbody><!CDATA ZendFormElementNote jpieper 1.0 16 July 2008: Initial Draft. ZendFormElementNote is a simple component that displays plain text in ZendForm. Very usefull if you do not want users to edit ...
Other labels: zend_form, form, span, zend_view, zend_view_helper_formnote, zend_form_element_note
Page: Zend_Html_Filter - Pádraic Brady
ac:macro ac:name="unmigratedinlinewikimarkup"><ac:plaintextbody><!CDATA Zend\Html\Filter Pádraic Brady TBD 1.0 10 August 2010: Initial Version. Zend\Html\Filter is a generic DOM filter for performing HTML ...
Other labels: filter, security, sanitisation, proposal, proposals
Page: Zend_Microformat - Pádraic Brady
ac:macro ac:name="unmigratedinlinewikimarkup"><ac:plaintextbody><!CDATA ZendMicroformat Pádraic Brady Matthew Weier O'Phinney (Zend Liaison) matthew 1.0: Pending Community Review Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set ...
Other labels: zend_webservices, exception, api, claims, proposals, xml, proposal, identity
Page: Zend_View_Helper_HeadBase - Phil Brown
ac:macro ac:name="unmigratedinlinewikimarkup"><ac:plaintextbody><!CDATA ZendViewHelperHeadBase Phil Brown TBD 1.0 16 March 2010: Initial Draft. 1.1 24 May 2010: Renamed to HeadBase ZendViewHelperHeadBase is used to generate an ...
Other labels: zend_view_helper, base