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Page: Zend_Ical - Ben Scholzen
ac:macro ac:name="unmigratedinlinewikimarkup"><ac:plaintextbody><!CDATA ZendIcal Ben Scholzen alexander (Zendliaison) 1.1 22 September 2007: Initial proposal 1.2 03 March 2008: Proposal rewrite 1.3 19 May ...
Other labels: calendar, ics, date, time, alarms, events, todos
Page: Zend_Sync - Vincent Clair
ac:macro ac:name="info"><ac:parameter ac:name="title">ZendSync : calendars and contacts data synchronisation</ac:parameter><ac:richtextbody> <p>This page has been created from a template that uses &quot;zones.&quot ...
Other labels: syncml, wbxml, vcard, synchronisation, activesync