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Page: External Resources
ac:macro ac:name="note"><ac:parameter ac:name="title">Please note</ac:parameter><ac:richtextbody><p>Most tutorials, articles, and examples are not meant for use with development (Subversion) versions of Zend Framework.</p></ac ...
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Page: Tutorials, User Guides, and Examples
p>The following tutorials are provided by users of Zend Framework and are not endorsed by Zend in any way. That disclaimed, most ZF developers should find this content very interesting and useful.</p> <p>Note: Articles are children of this page. External articles can ...
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Page: Using Zend_Acl with a database backend
ac:macro ac:name="toc"><ac:parameter ac:name="style">disc</ac:parameter><ac:parameter ac:name="indent">20px</ac:parameter></ac:macro> <h1>Introduction</h1> <p>This example shows how ...
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Page: Zend_Cache Example
p>ZendCache interacts with a variety of common caching backends, including APC and Memcached, to make caching both flexible and painless.</p> <p>But when should you use caching? The fact is that almost every website would benefit from increased ...
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Page: Zend_Config Example
p>ZendConfig allows a web application to store basic configuration values. If you like, you can utilize a separate staging environment for testing new development and a production environment for publishing development that has been successfully tested in the staging environment ...
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Page: Zend_Exception Example
p>One of the central goals of the framework is <a href="">robust and complete error handling</a> that is ESTRICT compliant. If we are meeting that goal, you should never see a hard error you would have to trap in such a way&mdash ...
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Page: Zend_Log plugin using Database and Filter
p>This example shows how to set up a logging feature in your application. You are able to control the level of logging.</p> <h3>Database initialisation</h3> <ac:macro ac:name="code"><ac:defaultparameter>php</ac:defaultparameter ...
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Page: Zend_Validate Custom Implementation Example
p>This little object is intended as a canned and generic validator for Zend Framework. It is intended for use with Form Elements, but it should work fairly broadly. The basic need it addresses is to validate that one field value matches another (e.g. password/email and and associated ...
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