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h3. Using Fisheye WebSVN

The Zend Framework website operates a web application called Fisheye, WebSVN, which gives an interface to browse the ZF subversion project.

h4. Fisheye WebSVN feeds

Fisheye WebSVN provides RSS feeds so you can monitor changes in any file or directory. For example, translators may find it convenient to monitor changes to the English documentation with the following RSS feed:

h4. Fisheye tarballs

Fisheye provides a facility to fetch zip or tar.gz archives of any directory level using the Fisheye interface. See the left side of the screen, and scroll down below the list of subdirectories. See a pane labeled, *Tarball*. Click on the *zip*, *tgz*, or *tbz2* links to download a dynamically-generated, compressed archive of the currently viewed directory in zip, tar.gz or tar.bz2 formats. Please be respectful of the bandwidth and server resources, and do not overuse this facility.

h2. Rendering DocBook