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| Why doesn't the action "NoRoute" work anymore? (Pre-ZF RC1) \\ | As of ZF RC1 we now use the [ErrorHandler controller plugin|] to handle all errors within the dispatch sequence. \\ |
| How do I integrate Smarty with Zend Framework? \\ | While it may cause problems and is probably discouraged, there have been many requests on how to do this. Here is one integration article for post RC1 ZF versions: [Smarty Integration|] \\ |
| Why does rendering fail after integrating Smarty and Zend Framework and implementing common layout templates (in a different directory to view templates)?\\ | Note that Smarty can only handle one template directory (a limitation of Smarty). One work around is to make your View check if the file exists in each of the script paths and then set the template directory appropriately. Note that you'll also need to use {$this->render('template.tpl')} rather than {include file='template.tpl'} for this to work. Full info on issue and resolution to follow\!\\ |