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{tip:title=How to join the documentation and translation teams:}
# Yes! We need your help :) .. [Translations' Status|]
# [ZFDEV:Contributing to Zend Framework] \- See #1 to #4.
# [Follow our documentation style guide.|ZFDEV:$3126]
# Introduce yourself and interests by posting to the fw-docs mailing list.
* All [English manual project members|]
* All Zend ZF team members
* [ZFDEV:Andries Seutens|~andries]:
** automatic translation of docbook to Wiki
** automatic translation of Wiki to docbook
* Reduce the learning curve and effort required to make edits to the manual and translations.
* Allow anyone to comment on each section, but with comment moderation, so that the manual can evolve more quickly and with more flexibility than the current process.
* [Follow a documentation style guide|ZFDEV:$3126] and proofread before it is released.
* Need to support offline editing of content, ideally with a plain-text import/export capability. Alternatively:
4. Save a copy as "page title.txt.orig"
5. Save a copy as "page title.txt"
6. Continue editing "page title.txt" [ZFDEV:offline] until complete
7. Review the diff of "page title.txt.orig" and "page title.txt", revising the latter as necessary
8. Paste the revised wiki text into the wiki markup tab of the page editor, and save the page