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The possible routes *should* be kept simple, in the ranks of the following example:

‘spam’ => array(
‘module’ => ‘foo’,
‘controller’ => ‘bar’,
‘action’ => ‘baz’

If possible to make it similar to one of the HTTP routers, need to ask DASPRiD about this.

It *should* be possible to define a help message on any “level” of commands. For example, if we have the following commands:

We *should* consider and discuss the possibility of making it possible to access a controller both from an HTTP request and from an CLI request. The pro of this is reusability. The con is possible reduced security. Take just for an example an action which is run by cron to do some maintanance on the database/filesystem; making this accessible via HTTP can impose a security issue. There is also an option of adding a flag of some sort to the controller, which would be *off* by default and would mark the controller accessible only from HTTP or CLI. Setting the flag to *on* would make the controller accessible from both environments.

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