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h2. Using CDATA around PHP code

In DocBook, we use the <programlisting> tag to wrap PHP code examples. For inline PHP variable names, functions and methods, the <code> tag may be used to indicate that the inline content contains code. Within <programlisting> one should always use the CDATA tag to indicate that arbitrary character data is used, though one may omit for brevity the CDATA tag within <code> tags that do not contain special characters (e.g., "{{<}}" and "{{>}}"). For only PHP code, PHP tags are not required. See the following example DocBook excerpts:

<programlisting role="php"><![CDATA[<?php
require_once 'Zend/Acl.php';
$acl = new Zend_Acl();]]></programlisting>

Limit the length per line to 100 characters. You can extend the 100 characters length when you have a no seperating whitespace within a link for example.

h2. Make links

Internal links:
- using xref: '<xref linkend="" />'
- using link: '<link linkend="">Something describing the link</link>'

External links:
- using ulink: '<ulink url="">Zend Framework</link>'

h1. Exceptions to the Mozilla Style Guide