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{info:title=New Proposal Template}
This page has been created from a template that uses "zones." To proceed:

# Edit the page
# Replace sample content within each zone-data tag with your own content
# Remove this notice
# Save the page
# When you are ready for community review, move this page to the [Ready for Review] section on the edit page.

{note:title=No placeholders allowed!}
Please do not create placeholders. Wait until you have sufficient content to replace all sample data in the proposal template before creating your proposal document.

{zone-template-instance:ZFPROP:Proposal Zone Template}

none Zend_Filter_Interface

This filter extends given strings to the wished length. It accepts and other string for extension/padding and default to whitespace if non is given.
It also supports padding extension from left, right or both sides.
For simplicity this component adds also a view helper which makes use of this filter.
Pad Extends a string to 15 chars
$filter = new Zend_Filter_StringPad(array('length' => 15);
Pad Extends a string to 15 chars, using another pad char
$filter = new Zend_Filter_StringPad(array('length' => 15, 'padString' => '.'));
Pad Extends a string to 15 chars, using another pad char and another direction
$filter = new Zend_Filter_StringPad(array('length' => 15, 'padString' => '.', 'type' => Zend_Filter_StringPad::LEFT));