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Reworking/Uploade example files
class Zend_Bitfield {
static protected $bitMethods = array('32bit', '64bit', 'GMP');
static protected $bitClass;
static public function initBitfield($method = '32bit', $group = 'default')
static public function checkBit($key, $value, $group = 'default')
static public function createBit($key, $group = 'default')
static public function getBits($group = 'default')
static public function loadBits($input, $group = 'default')
static public function throwException($msg)

class Zend_Bitfield_32bit {
private $_bitmap = array();
private $_curbit = 1;
function createBit($key)
function loadBits($bits)
function compareBit($key, $value)