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*** Models can be generated to Model_Class, Model_Base_Class and Model_ClassTable so autoloading shoudln't be a problem (juozas)
**** How does would this look like for ModuleA_Model_Class, ModuleB_Model_Class? How could one configure which class is for which module? (beberlei)
** I'm not aware of any way to generate modular models using Doctrine 1.1, This may be possible with 1.2. See, and (mlurz71)

h2. Todo
* Create a Doctrine 1 Zend Application resource (mlurz71)
** already exists
* Create a Doctrine 2 Zend Application resource
** I have code for this, though it should make use of application.ini config to set it's properties (juozas)
** Juozas could contribute his.
*** current code (juozas)
** already exists (mlurz71)
* Create a Doctrine1 auth adapter
** exists already, only docs and tests missing.
**** I think the problem is rather that Doctrine requires much more than the PDO/PDOStatement like API but also the Export/Import Requirements for DDL SQL Statements, which might not be correct for the currently unsupported/semi-supported platforms.
***** I guess I've missed this point, you are right (juozas)
* Create a Log Writer component (mlurz71)
** already exists
* Create a Session SaveHandler component (mlurz71)
** already exists

h1. Doctrine 2
* What namespace should we use?
* Would the doctrine2 classes use 5.3?
** Doctrine 2 requires 5.3+. See (mlurz71)
* Replication support? Probably need to ask the Doctrine team about this.
** What is replication support? Mysql Proxy is the way to go here imho. (beberlei)