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h4. *+Locale description format+*
Zend_Locale has to know all language codes (see [ISO 639|Zend_Font - Karol Babioch#iso639] and [ISO 3166|Zend_Font - Karol Babioch#iso3166]). Therefor a locale description format has to be implemented. As format the free avaiable [LDML|Zend_Font - Karol Babioch#ldml] format will be used (part of CLDR), as it is already used by many Open Source Projects.

h4. *+Automatic locale recognition+*
Zend_Locale has to recognize which language the browser is requesting (see [ISO 639|Zend_Font - Karol Babioch#iso639] and [ISO 3166|Zend_Font - Karol Babioch#iso3166]), and automatically find the best matching locale for the client. (Internal Fallback mechanism). Alternative it could check for the system locale (environment variables) when f.e. used at command line.

h4. *+Formatting with locales+*

h4. *+Basically we have to implement/know the following standards+*
[ISO 639|Zend_Font - Karol Babioch#iso639] - Language Codes
[ISO 3166|Zend_Font - Karol Babioch#iso3166] - Region Codes
[RFC 3066|Zend_Font - Karol Babioch#rfc3066] - Country Codes
[ISO 639|#iso639] - Language Codes
[ISO 3166|#iso3166] - Region Codes
[RFC 3066|#rfc3066] - Country Codes

h4. *+Outsourced or delayed functionality+*