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** Text flow processing:
*** text (rich text) wrapping (with different wrapping modes: justified, left, right, center).
*** canvases support;
*** canvases support (canvases represent drawing area abstraction directly supported by PDF format, so canvases must provide full set of drawing operations; already prepared canvas may be dropped into specified page or pages or into another canvas at specified place).
*** using canvases as an output of rich text drawing operation (text and canvases characteristics are specified as an input, required number of canvases with drawn text are returned; number of canvases in the returned set is defined by text wrapping).
*** template based pages generation
*** template based pages generation: should be alternative method for the "using canvases as an output of rich text drawing" functionality. One or more pages are specified as an additional input and used as templates, set of pages is returned.
** Rich text processing
*** Text attributes processing (style, size, font, color, ...).