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h3. Constructing URL
<h3>Constructing URL</h3>

Request URL:
<p>Request URL: </p>

<li><a class="external-link" href=""></a></li>

MD5 checksum of given e-mail adress:

* gravatar_id=279aa12c3326f87c460aa4f31d18a065
<p>MD5 checksum of given e-mail adress:</p>

Optional parameters:

* &rating=G
* &size=80
* &

||Parameter name||Default value||Possibly values||
|rating|G|G, PG, R or X|
|size|80|from 1 to 80|
<p>Optional parameters:</p>


<th><p>Parameter name</p></th>
<th><p>Default value</p></th>
<th><p>Possibly values</p></th>
<td><p>G, PG, R or X</p></td>
<td><p>from 1 to 80</p></td>