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Zend_Grid is a component for display/manage data with source abstraction. Although it can be used anywhere in your application, it has a comprehensive feature list that fits the needs for an administrative grid where we need to easily display and edit data, create reports and even create WebServices to access information. This component is targeted for a ZF 2.0 release.

* User instantiates Zend_Grid
* Deploy class is loaded
* User config is applied, after merged with global config
* User defines a data source
* User calls deploy after setting all params they want
* Zend_Grid builds additional source params like where, limit, order...
* Data is fetched from source
* Data is converted to an array
* User options are applied to data (decorators, callbacks, helpers, )
* Information presented to user in desired format

Milestone 1: [DONE] Working prototype written and tested. [Demos|]
Milestone 2: [DONE] Create initial documentation. [Project Code|]
Milestone 3: [Working code Done. Units in progress]Working code and tests checked into SVN.
Milestone 3: [DONE] Working code checked into SVN.Units in progress.
Milestone 4: [DONE] Submitted to Ready for Review.