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1.0 - 17 June 2008
1.0.1 - 1 July 2008

* This component *will* implement the entirety of the OAuth Core 1.0 Final specification including both a Consumer and Server without exceptions
* This component *will* implement a fully featured Consumer
* This component *will* implement a fully featured Provider/Server
* This component *will* implement the most recent draft of the OAuth Discovery 1.0 Draft Specification
Zend_Crypt_Hmac (Incubator)
Zend_Crypt_Rsa (Proposed) (Incubator)
Zend_Service_Yadis (Proposed) (Incubator)
echo $response->getBody();


Options may be set using a typical Options array, in the future using Zend_Config, and individually using publicly accessible mutators and accessors:

$consumer = new Zend_Oauth_Consumer(
array( // options array