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//optional methods - applies to every type of post
$post->setDate('2007-12-05 14:50:02');
$post->setSlug('special string in url');
* Valid State Values:
* Zend_Service_Tumblr::STATE_PUBLISHED
* Zend_Service_Tumblr::STATE_DRAFT
* Zend_Service_Tumblr::STATE_SUBMISSION
* Zend_Service_Tumblr::STATE_QUEUE
// set publish on date in the future - both date and time are expressed in Tumblr's local time
$post->setPublishOnDate('2010-12-10 14:50:02');
* Valid Values:
* boolean - true to send with auto generated summary of post., false to not send
* string - custom message to send to twitter for the post