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The Zend Framework team uses the following tools to support our effort:

* Subversion (SVN)
* JIRA (bug and issue tracking, project management)
* Confluence (wiki integrated with JIRA)
* Fisheye (SVN changeset browser, search and statistic tool)
* Crucible (online peer code-review tool)
* [Subversion|$290] (SVN) - File and directory version control system. [Vendor|]
* {link-to:dashboard}Confluence{link-to} - Wiki integrated with JIRA [Vendor|]
* [Fisheye|] - SVN changeset browser, search and statistic tool.
delivers a unified web-based view of source repositories with robust navigation, search, historical reporting, configurable file annotation and diff views, change-set analysis, RSS feeds, and integration with Jira. [Vendor|]
* [JIRA|] - Bug Tracking, Issue Tracking, Project Management (same username as SVN) [Vendor|]
* Crucible - Online peer code-review tool. [Vendor|]

They are either open-source or provided by companies that openly and *freely* promote open-source projects. We also run a variety of back-end systems such as Zend Platform, Apache, MySQL, ApacheDS and Apache Tomcat. During development we use PhpUnit for our unit testing effort.