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h1. The Big Q&A
<h1>The Big Q&amp;A</h1>

<p>It's been almost a year since the 1.0 release of Zend Framework. In that time we've seen some of the most trafficked sites in the world deployed on ZF, many popular enterprise-oriented projects built with ZF, and some of the greatest times ever had (while coding) using ZF. Since our community has been so great in giving back to the project, we decided it's the Zend Framework team's turn to find a new way to give back.</p>

On [April <p>On <a href="">April 30, 2008|], 2008</a>, Zend's very own Zend Framework team will make themselves available for a 2-hour Q&amp;A session. You can submit your questions in advance here to give us an opportunity to think them over a bit, or you can surprise us with them during the webinar. In any case, expect to find out more about ZF while getting to know everyone on the team a little better.</p>

Please feel free to submit questions anonymously.
<p>Please feel free to submit questions anonymously.</p>

Please register for this webinar [here|].
<p>Please register for this webinar <a href="">here</a>.</p>

See you there!
<p>See you there! </p>

h2. Questions

h3. Wil <h3>Wil Sinclair: What does the future hold for Zend Framework?</h3>

h3. Darby <h3>Darby Felton: What are some best practices related to developing models when using Zend Framework?</h3>

h3. Darby <h3>Darby Felton: What can we expect in terms of RAD tools for Zend Framework and when are these expected to be available?</h3>

h3. Darby <h3>Darby Felton: How can community members easily get started contributing to Zend Framework?</h3>

h3. Ralph <h3>Ralph Schindler: Does Zend have plans to support a 3rd party, forge type of development forum for code that doesn't belong in the Zend Standard or Extras Library?</h3>

h3. Jordan <h3>Jordan Moore: Can we expect any abstracted DDL support in Zend_Db components in the future?</h3>

h3. Federico <h3>Federico Cargnelutti: A simple CMS can help promote an open-source framework and increase its popularity, are you considering developing one?</h3>

h3. Jan <h3>Jan Pieper: Could Zend imagine that their framework can grow so fast with such a big community?</h3>

h3. Jan <h3>Jan Pieper: Actually there are smaller changes commited/moved to core. What are the next big components? How much is currently still possible?</h3>