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We welcome reports of issues or feature requests in our [issue tracker|], and we welcome participation and questions on the [mailing lists|]. You can also publish articles and code on [DevZone|] or on your own blog or website, but anything that constitutes intellectual property cannot be included in Zend Framework unless it is contributed under the terms of the CLA.

{note:title=Not Required for ZF2 Development}
*Not Required for ZF2 Development*
Please note that the CLA requirement is only for development on the 1.X series; it is *not* required for development on the 2.x series and above.

*ALWAYS* send an email to [|]:
*ALWAYS* send an email to []:
* Include your name and email address as they appear on the faxed CLA
* Include your Issue Tracker username ([get an account first|!default.jspa]\!)
* If we place your Issue Tracker username into the "developer group" within the Issue Tracker, other contributors will *know* that you signed the CLA, and that your submitted code and patches may be used. Unless we receive instructions from you for a confidential CLA, expect to have your Issue Tracker account placed into the "developer group". In some rare instances, a corporation might wish to make a confidential code contribution.

CLA may be submitted using any method below:
# scanned *1500\+* pixel wide JPEG/PNG copy of the signed CLA emailed to [|]
bq. Typically, the emails' total size is between 1/2MB and 1.5MB. A smaller file size, higher quality image is preferred. Black and white fax/scans usually compress better as a PNG, but a normal, full color scan at 300dpi usually produces the best results and compresses better using JPEG at about 75 quality factor.
# fax to 408-253-8801 (if a scan is not possible),
# mail to:
Attn: CLA Zend Technologies, Inc.
19200 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Suite 100
Cupertino, CA 95014 USA
We collect faxes periodically. Usually we receive and process faxes in about 5 business days.
When we process the faxes, we reply to the email address listed on the CLA. If you have not received confirmation of receipt within 7 business days, then please check the fax phone number, email [|] directly, or resend by fax, depending on the circumstances.



h3. What does Contributor License Agreement (CLA) actually mean?