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h4. *+Source formats/Abstraction+*
Zend_Translate must work with different source formats. The initial supported source formats will be:
* [Gettext|Zend_Font - Karol Babioch#gettext]
* [Tmx|Zend_Font - Karol Babioch#tmx]
* [Gettext|#gettext]
* [Tmx|#tmx]
* Sql Databases (MySql, Mssql, SqLite) through Zend_DB

Each translation source will be integrated as Adaptor, so each source format has to implement the same functionality. The handling is equal for each source format, so the user has only to know the base layer Zend_Translate, and not the details for [Gettext|Zend_Font - Karol Babioch#gettext], [Tmx|Zend_Font - Karol Babioch#tmx] and so on.

h4. *+Locale awareness+*