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h3. Namespaces

Namespaces *MUST* contain only alphanumeric characters, the underscore, and, of course, the namespace separator ({{\\}}). ({{\\}}).

Namespaces *SHOULD* be MixedCase, and acronyms used in namespaces *SHOULD* as well. As examples:

If as a result of such declarations, the line length exceeds the maximum line length, break the line before the {{extends}} and/or after {{implements}} keywords, and pad those lines by one indentation level.

class SampleClass extends AbstractFoo implements
extends AbstractFoo Bar
implements Bar

class SampleClass implements
implements BarInterface,
When throwing an exception, you *SHOULD* provide a useful exception message. Such messages *SHOULD* indicate the root cause of an issue, and provide meaningful diagnostics. As an example, you may want to include the following information:

* The method throwing the exception ({{\_\_METHOD\_\_}}) ({{\__METHOD_\_}})
* Any parameters that were involved in calculations that led to the exception (often class names or variable types will be sufficient)