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* Create a Doctrine 1 Zend Application resource (mlurz71)
** [] already exists
* Create a Doctrine 2 Zend Application resource
** I have code for this, though it should make use of application.ini config to set it's properties (juozas)
* Create a Doctrine1 paginator adapter
** Should be zfproject.xml aware and use the Doctrine 1 resource to "bootstrap" the ZF + Doctrine enviroment
** Should implement all the tasks that the Doctrine CLI has.
*** Import Task should be extended to allow for modularity and PEAR Style class generation, a potential Schema would be <Module>_Model_<Name>, <Module>_Model_<Name>Table and <Module>_Model_Base_<Name>.
* -Create Zend_Db_Adapters support gateway-** Why? I think the performance overhead is considerable, wouldn't it be better to contribute new adapters for Doctrine then? (beberlei)
*** What do you mean by performance overhead? I haven't tried it, but the fact that Doctrine now is very much PDO oriented (correct my if I'm wrong) makes me believe that it would be easier to make some sort of bridge than to recode drivers for Doctrine. I should play with this (juozas)