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General for using this component, the ZipArchive and XML Manipulating from PHP is needed.

||UC-01 write||
1. User defines what shall be written to the output (texts, images, meta-data, formatting, ...)
2. Forwarding the provided data to the generation classes
3. Generate and write each single XML document
4. Putting it in the ZIP together

||UC-012 open/read||
1. Unzip the XMLs
2. open [Content_Types].xml and _rels/.rels (these two files are required minimal)
3. Looping through the needed files (from user)
4. Return output

||UC-03 read + write||


||UC-01 write||
use Zend\Excel;
$excel = new Excel(...);

$worksheet = $excel->getWorksheet(...);
||UC-02 read||

$style1 = new Excel\Style();

$cell = new Excel\Cell();

$worksheet->setCell('A', '1', $cell);