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** Caching
** Logging
** Debug (perhaps this should be part of Logging, and/or consume it?)
** EventManager
** DI
*** AMF
** Form components
** _Functional testing infrastructure_

* *Development and Debug*
** Debug
** _Wildfire_
** _Tool_
** _Functional testing framework_

* *Other:* components currently uncategorized, but which would not be necessary in order to mark the framework stable. Instability of the component at time of stable release would result in its removal from the repository until it has been refactored.
** Markup

The ZF2 "standard distribution" would be defined as "Core" + "DB and Data Formats" + "Security" + "I18n/L10n" + "MVC" (consensus surrounding the "Development and Debug" category was not really reached). Any components outside of this that, _assuming they are stable_ , could be included in a "full distribution" package. Assuming a package manager/installer capable of metapackages, developers could then install:

* individual components (with dependencies)