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* [Zend_Tool_Rpc|]
* [Zend_Tool_Rpc_Endpoint_Cli|]
* [Zend_Tool_Project|]
* [Zend_Tool_CodeGenerator|]

* Ability to issue "tooling system" requests from multiple clients to interact with this "tooling system"
** Zend Studio
** Command Line
** Other IDE (example: textmate via perhaps XML-RPC)
* Ability to extend the "tooling system" as simply as creating a php class.
* Ability for this "tooling system" to be bootstrapped automatically by detecting "capabilities" inside the php include-path.

Zend_Tool_Rpc_Endpoint_Cli Requirements
* Command Line Interface for tooling

Zend_Tool_Project Requirements
* Ability to customize and use a "project profiling" system to facilitate: