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However, we all need to accomodate and tolerate occasional mistakes in a friendly way, so that we can all get more work done quicker and avoid too much "red tape" beauracracy. If you make 10 edits and only 1 has a problem, but you make 10 edits in a week this is good. Waiting for approvals and making the same 10 edits in a month is not as good, and probably a little frustrating if the edits are not that hard.

h2. Use editors without autoformatting

For editing the documentation you should not use xml editors. They normally autoformat existing documents to fit their needs. And they do not follow the docbook standard. For example they can erase the cdata tags, they can change the 4 spaces seperation to tabs or 2 spaces and many many more.

h2. Use Images


h2. Limit line length

Limit the length per line to 100 characters. You can extend the 100 characters length when you have a no seperating whitespace within a link for example.

h1. Exceptions to the Mozilla Style Guide