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* PHP support in latest code formatter plugins
* Code coverage for PHPUnit in Bamboo
<li>PHP support in latest code formatter plugins</li>
<li>Code coverage for PHPUnit in Bamboo</li>
* Mechanism/process <li>Mechanism/process for resolving issues instead of leaving them open indefinitely
** All <li>All issues will be auto-assigned to component leads (this is already the case)</li>
** The <li>The component leads will have some number of days (30, for example) to 'resolve' the issue</li>
** All <li>All issues can be resolved as 'not an issue', 'duplicate', 'fixed', and *'postponed'*. <strong>'postponed'</strong>. Postponed indicates that the issue has been reviewed by the component lead, but s/he won't fix it within the time period for resolving (it's too big in scope, it requires discussion and/or decision making, lead is going on vacation, etc.)</li>
** The <li>The issue remains assigned to the issue. A contributor should approach the lead if s/he would like to fix it. The lead will ensure that the proposed fix is appropriate. Issue is reassigned to the contributor and reopened pending a fix. Lead may also solicit help on IRC, mailing list, etc.</li>
** When <li>When the formerly postponed issue gets fixed, it is closed as 'fixed'. (Duh!)</li>
** Notifications <li>Notifications will remind the component leads when an issue comes in, 5 days before the review period, and at the end of the review period. Notifications will stop when issue is reserved.</li>
** A <li>A filter will be made available listing all open bugs assigned to the current user and the number of days they've been open. If possible the report will 'stoplight' the issues based on days open. Green is still young, Yellow is getting old, Red is very old. Wil to find out if coloring or some other way to highlight issues based on date is available. available.</li>