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1) Move the SendResponseListener one level up (Mvc Package, no View subpackage).
2) Remove Mark the send() method from Environment\Response and Console\Response to SendResponseListener as deprecated
3) Improve SendResponseListener, so that it will be able to send a list of standard response objects (Cli\Response, PhpEnvironment\Response, Stream\Response).
3) SendResponseListener triggers sendResponse event, additional listener (PhpEnvironmentResponseSender, CliResponseSender) will get attached to the sendrepsonselistener by default.
4) Remove the registration of the SendResponseListener from ViewManager
5) Add the SendResponseListener registration in Zend\Mvc\Application

Is that a BC break? We are only changing listeners, not framework code (except the remove of the send() method in PhpEnvironment\Response, but I guess nobody is using this method directory, because it will be called by the SendResponseListener). We can also leave these methods in the response object untouched but never call it and mark it as deprecated.

Example use case: