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Patching the Developer Version of the ZF

How to Download Developer Version of ZF.

The easiest way to create a patch containing changes to multiple files including new ones is to add new files to svn (but not commit!) and then create the patch file using svn.

From the trunk/ directory run: svn diff <dirname> | tail -n +3 > <dirname>.diff

Remove the changes using: svn revert -R <dirname>

Patch from trunk/ using: patch -p0 < <dirname>.diff

Now please submit your contributions.

Patching a Released Version of the ZF

In most cases, bug fix patches submitted for community review should be made using the latest developer version of the ZF. However, some situations might requir patches for a released version of the ZF, such as when your customers are using your application based on the ZF.

  1. Now make a new copy of the original, released version of the ZF into the directory "library.orig"
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