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  • Implement most requested drawing features
    • Text flow processing:
      • text (rich text) wrapping (with different wrapping modes: justified, left, right, center).
      • canvases support;
      • using canvases as an output of rich text drawing operation (text and canvases characteristics are specified as an input, required number of canvases with drawn text are returned).
      • template based pages generation
    • Rich text processing
      • Text attributes processing (style, size, font, color, ...).
      • Paragraphs processing.
      • Lists processing.
      • Tables processing
      • Process some markup language (wiki markup language is probably the best candidate).
    • Copying pages between documents functionality (an ability to use several PDF documents as templates).
    • Charts drawing (that's probably post-2.0 task).
  • Improve internal Zend_Pdf architecture.
    • Prepare a set of tests which allow to test performance, memory usage and check "document quality" characteristics of prepared documents and make a basis for Zend_Pdf vs other PHP based PDF processing solutions comparison. It should also help to make architectural decisions while Zend_Pdf development and completely show Zend_Pdf functionality
      • Type of documents ("common use cases"):
        • notification - generate new 2 pages documents using some drawing small images and standard fonts or ttf fonts (ttf fonts are embedded into document);
        • invoice - load already prepared document and add some text information into it;
        • booklet - prepare new 10 pages document using standard templates for pages (2 type of pages)
        • book printing - print 200 pages of text information with some images included.
        • book processing - modify book printed with previous test (two tests: a) modify several pages b) modify most of pages)
        • test of processing heavy documents which demonstrate correct loading most of PDF format features (use PDF Reference document as an example for test (~1000 pages doc))
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