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Location of example code

Ralph's Github ZF2 repository, branch milestones/exceptions.

Who's working on what?

Component Status Contributer
Zend\Acl COMPLETE Ralph Schindler
Zend\Amf COMPLETE Ralph Schindler
Zend\Application COMPLETE Ralph Schindler
Zend\Authentication COMPLETE Ralph Schindler
Zend\Barcode COMPLETE Mickael Perraud
Zend\Cache IN PROGRESS Paul Katsande (paul [+] katsande [a] gmail [+] com)
Zend\Captcha COMPLETE Mickael Perraud
Zend\Config COMPLETE Ralph Schindler
Zend\CodeGenerator IN PROGRESS Ralph Schindler
Zend\Console COMPLETE Ralph Schindler
Zend\Currency COMPLETE Ralph Schindler
Zend\Date COMPLETE Ralph Schindler
Zend\Dojo IN PROGRESS Ralph Schindler
Zend\Dom COMPLETE Daniel Latter
Zend\Filter IN PROGRESS Ralph Schindler
Zend\Form IN PROGRESS Ahmed Shreef
Zend\GData IN PROGRESS Sascha-Oliver Prolic (prolic)
Zend\Http COMPLETE Torio Farazdagi
Zend\InfoCard AVAILABLE  
Zend\Json COMPLETE Marc Bennewitz (private)
Zend\Layout SKIPPED  
Zend\Ldap IN PROGRESS Andreas Heigl (heiglandreas)
Zend\Loader SKIPPED  
Zend\Locale AVAILABLE  
Zend\Log COMPLETE Sascha-Oliver Prolic (prolic)
Zend\Mail IN PROGRESS Mickael Perraud
Zend\Markup AVAILABLE  
Zend\Memory COMPLETE Mickael Perraud
Zend\Mime COMPLETE Mickael Perraud
Zend\Navigation IN PROGRESS Michael Ridgway (mcridgway [a] gmail [+] com)
Zend\OpenId IN PROGRESS Torio Farazdagi
Zend\Paginator IN PROGRESS Wil Moore (wilmoore) (wil [+] moore [a] wilmoore [+] com)
Zend\Pdf IN PROGRESS Sascha-Oliver Prolic (prolic)
Zend\ProgressBar COMLETE Mickael Perraud
Zend\Queue IN PROGRESS Torio Farazdagi
Zend\Reflection IN PROGRESS Ralph Schindler
Zend\Rest IN PROGRESS Sascha-Oliver Prolic (prolic)
Zend\Search IN PROGRESS Sascha-Oliver Prolic (prolic)
Zend\Serializer COMPLETE Marc Bennewitz (private)
Zend\Server AVAILABLE  
Zend\Session AVAILABLE
Zend\Soap IN PROGRESS Ralph Schindler
Zend\Tag IN PROGRESS Sascha-Oliver Prolic (prolic)
Zend\Text COMPLETE Sascha-Oliver Prolic (prolic)
Zend\TimeSync COMPLETE Mickael Perraud
Zend\Tool COMPLETE Ralph Schindler
Zend\Translator IN PROGRESS Sascha-Oliver Prolic (prolic)
Zend\Uri COMPLETE Sascha-Oliver Prolic (prolic)
Zend\Validator AVAILABLE  
Zend\Wildfire COMPLETE Mickael Perraud
Zend\XmlRpc IN PROGRESS Ralph Schindler

Service Components Managed Below (on separate table)

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