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<h1>Zend Framework RSS Feeds and Notifications</h1>

<p>There are numerous options for RSS and e-mail notification on the Zend Framework site. Search around and you will find most things can be viewed in one or both of those formats. Many of these feeds and notifications are listed below.</p>

<h2>Subversion Repository</h2>

<p>You can receive an email whenever a change is commited to the repository. To subscribe, send an email to: <a href=""></a></p>

<h2>Issue Tracker</h2>

<p>Any filter or view in our issue tracker can be used as an RSS feed. Just look across the top links for a "XML" link and that will provide an RSS feed of the current view. For example, the "Added Recently" view could be used to watch for new issues. Or the "Updated Recently" for issues that are changing. </p>

<p>Also, when viewing an issue, can you elect to receive e-mail notifications for any changes to that particular issue. There is a "Watch it" link on the left hand bar towards the bottom that will cause you to receive a notification of every change. The same link can be used to terminate the "Watching" when you are done. As a creator of an issue, the current assignee, or the project lead, you will always receive notifications for changes on your issues. </p>

<p>Typical RSS feed...</p>

<li><a href="">See all new issues as they come into the tracker for the main project</a>
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<ac:macro ac:name="note"><ac:rich-text-body><p>To create an RSS feed of issues assigned to you, you should go to "find issues" and create a search that includes your username as the assignee (not "current user") and then use the XML feed from the results. This is only selectable if you have issues assigned to you to begin with.</p></ac:rich-text-body></ac:macro></li>


<p>The Wiki also has an RSS feed for all changes made to the Wiki that can be seen on the <ac:macro ac:name="unmigrated-inline-wiki-markup"><ac:plain-text-body><Unable to render embedded object: File (plain-text-body></ac:macro> in the upper-right corner. There is also an <ac:macro ac:name="unmigrated-inline-wiki-markup"><ac:plain-text-body><) not found.[CDATA[RSS Feed Builder]]></ac:plain-text-body></ac:macro> that lets you create a custom feed down to the space and page-type level. If you want e-mail notifications, you can go to a space, select "Browse Space", go to the "Advanced" tab, and select "Start watching this space." This can be a bit noisy so RSS feeds are recommended. Or, alternatively modify your profile and in the e-mail settings you may setup a daily summary update of the Wiki. Your profile is also where you can see all of your e-mail watches that you have setup.</p>

<p>Speaking of watches, on any page there is a link in the upper-right that allows you to watch for changes to that specific page only. This is useful if it is a page you care highly about and want to ensure you see every change made to the page.</p>


<p>WebSVN has RSS feeds available (RSS icon when browsing a project) along with customized versions of those feeds. You may subscribe to <a href=""></a> to receive e-mail updates directly from SVN for new commits.</p>

<p>Typical RSS feed...</p>

<li><a href="">Zend Framework SVN</a></li>
<li><a href="">Zend Framework Laboratory SVN</a></li>
<li><a href="">Zend Framework Build Tools SVN</a></li>

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