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Zend Framework Proposal Process

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Welcome to the Zend Framework Wiki!

If you do not have a Zend Framework account, please sign up to take full advantage of our site's features.

Developers who wish to contribute to Zend Framework should read the Zend Framework Contributors Guide for getting started pointers, issue tracker guidelines, coding standards, and more.

To submit a proposal, you must first have an account and login.


1. New Proposals

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2. Proposals Under Review

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3. Reviews Pending

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4. Laboratory Proposals

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5. Incubator Proposals

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6. Core Component Proposals

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Images speak more than words, so here is the process in a nutshell. More information is also available for knowing what to expect when submitting a proposal. or in the full text below.

Contribution Process

The first step in contributing to the Zend Framework is to validate your idea with Zend and the community. This can be done by contacting one of the Zend developers or by sending an email to the mailing list. Regardless of the channel you choose to initiate the discussion, all suggestions should be discussed on the mailing list.

When contributing the implementation for a proposal, contributors are expected to continue supporting their projects, including fixes and documentation.

After discussing your idea informally with the community, please submit a proposal. The Zend Framework Proposal Process begins by placing your proposal in the Wiki using a built-in template. Once your proposal is in, we will add an issue tracker linked from the proposal that can hold issues that need addressed derived from community and coreteam comments posted to the proposal Wiki page. The issue tracker will show the release status of the proposal with three steps: laboratory, incubator, and core. Before submitting a proposal, however, contributors should have submitted a completed Contributor License Agreement.

Most proposals will make it to the laboratory once they are organized and reviewed. Once in the laboratory, you will have a SVN project, Issue tracker, and the Wiki page for the proposal to support rounding the proposal off. Some proposals will stay in the laboratory for some time, so this gives you a good workspace with everything you need to flourish. In order to promote diversity of approaches in the laboratory, components approved for laboratory development will be given a name of the format: ZF_<category>_<code name>. The category name pertains to the general purpose of the component, and the code name is to distinguish it from other components having the same purpose. Class names for the components should also be named in accordance with this format.

Some proposals for which inclusion in the framework core is currently planned will enter the incubator for initial development. Documentation may be initially developed in the wiki for eventual translation to the DocBook format in SVN. The proposed will not be released with the framework (even as an incubator component) until documentation and unit tests have been completed. Proposed components having been approved for incubator development must be controlled for the potential of "feature creep." All new issues for incubator and core components (e.g., bug fixes, feature requests) should be entered using the issue tracker for the component.

Once the proposal has become code, has unit testing, and reasonable docs it can move upwards and onwards if the timing is right, and the proposal is accepted into the framework core.

For proposals in incubator and core, we combine them into the main single project so that we can track the shipped framework as a whole in one place. Until then we isolate them so they have sufficient freedom to mature into successful components.

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